Jul 20, 2010

Rapid escalation: box earrings

At this point, I don't really have an excuse because I'm not jetlagged anymore (or, at least, I shouldn't be). But about a week ago, I got it into my head that I'd like to remember how to make an origami cube. So I went online, and found instructions to make the one on the right. It turned out OK, but it was far more convoluted than the cube I remembered making as a kid, so I looked around some more.
I found the one I remembered (easy peasy, lemon squeezy, as Bella's friend Thibo says), and made a largeish one, about 1.5" a side...
And then in a complete fit of maniacal miniaturization (if it's not in the Merck Manual, it ought to be, I have all the symptoms), proceeded to make them smaller, smaller, smaller, until this bunch, which are now about the size of dice.
And then what else can you do but dunk them in mod podge and polyurethane, grab the pliers, hang them on some posts and make them into earrings?
Yes, ta-daaaah indeed. Yes, one of these days I'll take some good pictures and put them up in my etsy shop. Yes, I know I will never make money this way.
ps. The other random kind of freaky story about these crazy earrings is that the morning AFTER I made the first bunch of boxes, I ran into a woman here in Singapore who I went to middle school with. That in itself would make you say, huh, someone you knew from 7th grade orchestra in Northern Virginia, now belonging to the same club in Singapore, OK, small world. But yeah, it wouldn't be so weird, except that one of the things I remember about my friend Amy is that for the 8th grade Economics Fair, she and my friend Carrie made and sold little origami box earrings just like these. So let's say she was subconsciously on my mind, and then the next day when I went to lunch, there she was, 20+ years and half a world away from the last time I ever saw her. Beat THAT with a stick.