May 27, 2010

Art Garden

We had a free afternoon yesterday, so we decided to hop on the MRT and check out the Art Garden at the Singapore Art Museum annex, 8Q (on #8 Queen Street).
Soft fake grass and a bunch of little green bean bags - Matias would've loved this:
Making origami flowers:
Floribots! Bella went around singing "We are the flower robots, doot doo doo doot!"
Making butterflies. She could've spent hours here:
Monkey yoga in the Enchanted Forest:
Back to the butterflies:
Interactive video installations rock:
The most exciting, though, was a stop-motion animation exhibit. The artist, Joo Choon Lin, made a set of videos by painting and repainting figures on the walls and photographing each, animations that kind of moved around in a real 3d space. I know I'm not doing it justice by explaining it this way, but here's a link to her blog, and one of her more "traditional" stop-motion animation videos:

Smells like volcano-Video for Laurel collective Fax of Death from Joo Choon Lin on Vimeo.

Afterwards, Bella and I went to the restaurant next door and talked about what kind of video we're going to make, involving, of course: a butterfly, dragonflies, flowers, and potentially a unicorn. Stay tuned.