May 13, 2010

Sir Jeffrey Hillpig-Smyth

I promise this is the last "Arf?" blog before I write up some actual teeny traveler trips (I'm a bit behind). I thought this was absolutely hysterical when I first read it, but now that I read it again, I think it's so over-the-top that it might have been done on purpose - you know, The Onion-esque. Anyway.

It's a description of some walking sticks that were for sale at a tourist trap gift shop in Penang, and includes a brief biography of the inventor, Sir Jeffrey Hillpig-Smyth:
  • Born London, 1910
  • As a schoolboy - overweight, few friends, poor student, non-athletic yet polite, called 'Hillpiggy' by the staff.
  • Harrow, 1928.
  • Sent down from Oxford for indecency, 1930.
  • Unsuccessfully stood for parliament, as an independent from the small constituency of Looting on the Thames, finishing fourth in a field of three, 1934.
  • Alcoholic, 1935.
  • Published at his own expense an angry and spirited collection of short essays entitled, Sticks and Stones, 1936.
  • Alcoholic again, 1937.
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