Sep 17, 2009

First 48 hours in Singapore

Yes, well, at least for now, we are ALL about the food, as we sort out the fun mundane things like power adapters, schools, apartments, doctor, nanny, cell phone service, etc etc.

Bella, after falling asleep in the van on the way to our residence apt (not too posh, but fantastic location), and then sleeping for another 3 hours:
Noodles with fried wontons for breakfast, from the place at the basement of our building:
The kids' bathroom (complete with itty bitty toilet and itty bitty urinal) at the ION mall:
May have seemed like an impulse buy to the ladies manning the shop, as we spent all of 5 minutes in the store before picking this up. The Nespresso machine that I've been lusting after for literally YEARS:
Beautiful macaroons, ensuring Bella's happiness here, at least in the treats department:
She got a chocolate ice cream cone out of me, too:
Rainbow-colored agar dessert thing:
Chicken nuggets on a stick, mmm:
Gyoza on a stick, for Mama:
Curry puff:
Not pictured: Our first night's dinner of Hainanese Chicken Rice. Mmmmmm.