Sep 12, 2009

Rouge Baiser

What is it about the combination of French and Chinese style that produces such beautiful things? Not wanting to be out for too long this afternoon, what with packing up the house, and Bella suddenly down with a cough, cold, and fever (yiiiiiikes), I had to make the tough decision between checking out the semi-annual sale at Rouge Baiser, or to schlep out to Houhai to make one last stop at Xiao Fu Xing (no website, sorry).

In the end, proximity (they're 5 minutes away in Sanlitunrrr) and the prospect of a good bargain helped Rouge Baiser win out by a hair. No regrets - they do absolutely gorgeous work there, everything HAND-EMBROIDERED, which normally comes at a fairly steep price, but I managed to pick up a few things on sale. CUTE! And ON SALE! Two of my biggest criteria for buying, well, anything.

A sweet white nightgown and a pretty purple sundress for Bella:
Sweet baby boy bedding with bluebirds (the other choice were these mice in your choice of outfit; which, though still pretty cute, just seemed wrong somehow. I mean, really: vermin in your baby's bed?):
And finally, a duvet cover and a baby cot liner, which I'm planning to transform into a headboard cover, either for Bella's new bed in Singapore, if I can find sheets that can make the whole set seem more "kiddie," otherwise for a guest bedroom:
And here's a sample of what I passed up at Xiao Fu Xing. Picked this gorgeous little number up last time I was there - I mean, really. Have you ever seen such a delicious little dress? It's still a touch too big for Bella, and I had worried, at the time, that it would be winter by the time it would fit her. But now that we're moving to hot hot hot Singapore, as Chandler Bing used to say, the point is moo ("It doesn't matter; it's the opinion of a cow!").

Xiao Fuxing
43 Zhonglouwan Hutong,
(In the courtyard between the Drum and Bell towers in the Houhai area; definitely call ahead for their hours as they are notorious for shutting down early, and not being open on certain seemingly random days: 8403-4740)

Rouge Baiser by Elise
5 Sanlitun Xi Wu Jie, around the corner from Jenny Lou's and April Gourmet in Sanlitun North