Sep 21, 2009

Trial lesson gone awry

Photo taken during the last five minutes of a trial ballet class in Singapore. We had arrived 5 minutes late (because she had uncharacteristically fallen asleep mid-afternoon and I had agonized for 10 minutes too long about whether to wake her or not), and she was dressed in her yellow leotard when all the other girls were wearing these pink outfits; neither of which probably would've made much difference, except that when she ran into the class and did a typical Bella-esque pirouette with her usual fanfare, all of the mommies and staff laughed (though in a nice way) in a way that noticeably took her aback.

The upshot: girl clinging to my legs, sitting out the next 30 minutes of a dance class, when you could tell that she was dying to join in and SHOW THESE GIRLS HOW IT'S DONE.