Sep 13, 2008

America the Apologetic

We arrived at my parents' house in Northern Virginia a couple of nights ago, bleary-eyed and pooped from the 13-hr flight from Beijing, to find a letter tacked onto the kitchen bulletin board. It was on the letterhead of the Good Health Natural Foods Company, and it was addressed to my father:
I apologize for the unfortunate experience you recently had with our Veggie Stix. I understand that the quality change you noticed can be frustrating but please accept this coupon for a replacement bag from us. We hope this experience will not deter you from buying our product in the future.
Having just left China, where customer service departments are a cruel joke, I was practically moved to tears while reading this letter. Here, at last, was a good reason (aside from friends and family) to move back to America. Meanwhile, I also made a mental note to ask Papa the critical question: "WHAT unfortunate experience with the Veggie Stix?" That, and a discussion of the unreasonable rate at which consumer products he loves are subsequently discontinued, will be the subject of another blog post entirely.