Aug 7, 2009

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should

For the past week, and for the next two, the Teeny Traveler is living the suburban life in Northern Virginia. Swimming, Ballet class, and playtime with the neighbors, throw in the daily ice cream treat from Lola and she is in heaven. Meanwhile, Mama's been going to the office and trying to be productive on multiple fronts, and we all know what that means-- spending lots of time on when she should really be doing something else. The other day, I went on a tear, finding really bizarre and questionable crafts (a la craftsgonebad and glittergonebad), most of which I won't post here because this is a family site, after all. But this one goes along with the freaky-baby theme of my post from Barcelona, so without further ado, as I sit at my computer at 4:30 a.m. theoretically working on a project that was due last year sometime, a lovely set of handsoaps from foliage on Etsy:

And I won't even say, "WHO thinks up these things?" because really, the more salient question is, "Who thinks up these things and then thinks it's actually a good idea to execute them?" Though I should probably shut up, because these things are probably selling like hotcakes.