Apr 21, 2009


Holy cow. I made Mik stop and dig the camera out of the bag because I think this is the coolest thing I have ever seen. At Dubai airport, where we had a stopover on the way to Tehran, they had these baby stroller racks every 30 feet or so. We saw DOZENS of parents walking around happily through the miles of Duty Free while the kids snoozed contentedly in the strollers. I couldn't help going through and thinking that if they weren't sleeping, that kid would be whining, that kid would be running laps around the perfume display, and the other kid would be the one screaming "But I don't want to walk anymore I want the SpongeBob SquarePants Chocolate Gift Pack NOOOOOW!!!!!" I'm sure people who live in Dubai or fly Emirates all the time are all, "Ho hum, what do you mean, don't they have these at all airports?" So now I'm trying to think of where we can go with Bella next that involves a stop in Dubai.

ps. The Teeny Traveler stayed home in Beijing with Lola (grandma) while Mama and Pappa went on a quick trip to Iran. Pics soon.