Jan 14, 2009

Would you buy this from me?

Thought a smallish project would be fun (and would help me think through the implications of "The Long Tail" on online advertising.... or maybe not so much), so I launched into this around lunchtime yesterday. Now I'm obsessively plotting my future etsy store. Here's what the product description would say:
Handcrafted and sassy, this quilted all-cotton zip-top bag for all kinds of little things will help you keep your enormous but stylish purse or frumpy diaper bag in order. Use it for anything from buttons to cosmetics, or to corral those tiny accessories for your daughter's toy ponies that are constantly being eaten by pets or younger siblings-- the uses are endless! Made with yummy fun fabrics, this item is one-of-a-kind and is a steal at only $300 because IT TOOK ME ALL AFTERNOON TO GET THE ZIPPER ON AND IT MADE ME RUN OUT OF THREAD AND NOW I HAVE TO VENTURE OUT INTO -25 DEGREE BEIJING TO FIND SOME MORE. Free gift with purchase!!
Or not. It's just a prototype.

And then here's Bella, "helping out" a little before bedtime. Hard to see in the photo, but she's playing with "Mama needle" and "Bella needle" and the "Papa" who was, inexplicably, a pair of scissors. And yes, I did let her play with my needles, that is, until I realized that the worst that could happen was NOT that she would poke herself (planning, at that point, to make sympathetic sounds and throw in a "that'll teach ya" in the bargain), but that she would drop one on the floor which would later end up painfully shoved between MY toes. Yup, that'll learn ya.