Oct 8, 2008

Recycled dancing dress

This week I'm supposed to be looking for macro Internet trends in Latin America, particularly in Brazil. God forbid I should actually focus on my work and get it done in an expedient manner. So OF COURSE I had to haul out the sewing machine and make another dress for Bella. (Un)fortunately, this project went quickly and I may have to make matching accessories and/or embellish with ridiculous embroidery to maximize the procrastination factor.

A-line dancing dress made from a large men's wool sweater I had bought last spring at The Closet, a thrift shop in Herndon, VA, for $1.25 (plus, I guess, the cost of transporting it to Beijing). Washed it in hot water to felt, cut to roughly the same shape as one of Bella's dresses (look, Ma, no pattern!), sewed 4 seams, and voila! less than an hour later:

It would've taken me even less time if I wasn't watching back to back episodes of 30 Rock at the same time.