Oct 10, 2008

More recycling projects

Yesterday, I was supposed to be looking for empirical truths about online advertising (whatever that means), but my new rule is, once my eyeballs start to bleed from staring at too many Excel spreadsheets, it's time for a Procrastination Project.

I actually almost gave up on this first one, but I must say, it turned out all right in the end:
This one started out as a woman's cardigan, but it came out completely wonky and lopsided out of the wash. It only got worse after I stitched the two sides of the front together, since I wasn't patient enough to rip it out and start over when they didn't line up properly. [In case you're wondering what the heck I am doing: I bought a few wool sweaters at a thrift shop last spring to experiment on & see what I could make out of them.]

It turned out, though, that because the argyle-ish part of the sweater shrunk more than the rest, there ended up being a little bit of a ruffle that was perfect for the skirt part. Knowing that making something for Bella is often only half the battle (the rest of it is getting her to actually WEAR it), I knew it had to have at least one pocket, which I made using part of the (former) sleeve.

Bella came in and proceeded to get herself all tangled up in some red embroidery thread while I was cleaning up, and to keep her out of trouble, I put a short length on a dull, giant tapestry needle and cut up some felt bits for her. As she sewed each piece on, I just made simple knots to space them out, and 2 minutes later (i.e., before she got bored), we had a necklace, which she wore all afternoon yesterday.

Next, the failed project for the day:
The bright idea was to cut old t-shirts into strips and knit a rag rug out of them. This one, I'm 80% sure I will give up on, mainly because it generates too much lint (see bottom), half of which is all over the floor, and the other half probably in my lungs. Also because I had originally planned on this being a room-sized rug, but there should be a limit to the amount of time and effort a Procrastination Project takes. Cause then it could turn into the Project That Made Empi Miss Too Many Deadlines And Lose The Job That Gives Her Time To Work On Projects In The First Place.