Oct 17, 2008

Making dancing skirts like it's my JOB

Yesterday's skirts, basically an a-line yoke plus a ruffle. Was vaguely going for a short flamenco-ey look. The first one I made (the froggy one) has two tiers of ruffles and took all freakin' morning, but I got the hang of it and the yellow one has a much neater waist and took only a bit more than an hour. At an hour per, I could do this, like, for a living. Design-wise, I was thrown off by Bella not really having a waist or a butt (bust 20.5", waist 21", hips 21", while wearing ginormous XL diaper because they ran out of her size at the store).

Made me think of one of Bella's favorite kitchen dancing songs, "She's a Brick House" by the Commodores... I always thought they said, "36, 24, 36, with the wind in her hair" but lyrics.com says it's "36, 24, 36, what a winning hand" which doesn't really make sense to me. Anyway.... I'll go with my version: "She's a brick HOOOOWSE, 21, 21, 21, with a diaper OOOONNNN."