Oct 20, 2008

Chaoyang Park x 2

Pics from the past couple of Sundays that we spent in one of Beijing's largest parks, Chaoyang Park.
The park is massive, but we had never been particularly keen to visit, since most of what we had seen before (bumper cars, bouncy castles, roller coasters) were kind of kitschy-corny. But with amazing weather in Beijing these past few weeks, we decided to explore the north end of the park, and discovered that the cheesy stuff was mainly localized on the main South entrance, and that the other end was fairly quiet and pretty and more our speed.

Yesterday we rented a boat and checked out the park from the water, and discovered that Bella has no idea how to steer, making me want to delay our planned purchase of a bicycle for her ("What??!? You ran into a wall AGAIN?").