Aug 11, 2008

Olympics Tip of the Day


Mik is notoriously useless (sorry, babe) when his blood sugar is low, and he hadn't eaten much throughout the day, so was in imminent danger of walking through a plate glass window. We had read about, and were counting on, the multitude of food options supposedly on offer in the Olympic park. By the time we were in the security line, where only two queues were open and they were processing about 2 people an hour, Mik had gnawed through his left arm and was about to get started on the meaty Australians ahead of him in line.

Once we were in, we made a beeline for one of the snack bars, where we debated extensively on whether to get hotdogs or "sandwiches" (to me, always a crapshoot), only to find that neither was actually available. Which is why we ended up eating these mysterious and thoroughly REVOLTING packaged sausages (4 rmb each, that should have been a clue), along with another 30 kuai worth of junk food. At least it was cheap? The most appetizing of the bunch was actually the dry packaged ramen noodles that we just ate like granola bars (Mei you hot water, sorry!).

Luckily, there was Beer. Carlsberg, Yanjing, AND Qingdao. Three choices. AND we were allowed to bring it into the stands, despite the warnings about "designated alcoholic zones" on the official Beijing Olympics website. Perverse foresight on their part, I suppose-- if you're offering three kinds of cheap beer and no food, you'd better have a designated zone for what you end up with.