Aug 9, 2008

Made in China from Imported Parts

I've been wanting to make a shirt like this for Bella ever since she was born. Now that the Olympics are here, we discovered that she doesn't have any Finland OR Philippines gear to wear around town (actually, she does have a blue SUOMI sweatshirt; out of the question in this heat). Amazing what kind of goofy schwag you can put together just with Power Point (I don't even have photoshop) and some transfer paper.

The other shirt I've always wanted to make for her is one that says, "It's OK... I'm jetlagged!" That one is for the occasions when we've just arrived in the U.S. from China and I have Gabriela in a Northern Virginia restaurant at 9:30 pm and can feel the indignation coming from other toddlers' moms whose offspring have been in bed since 6:30. Of course, that shirt would be completely unnecessary when coming back to Beijing, where four-year-olds consistently stay out in bars later than I do.