Jul 28, 2008

Barfing in Taxis with Bella

Bella, poor girl, has inherited her Mama's propensity for motion sickness. She's had some truly memorable puking incidents, mainly in Beijing taxis, whose drivers seem to think they get extra points for lane switches and waiting til the last moment to hit the brakes at red lights. Add the aromas of stale smoke, raw garlic, unbrushed teeth, and unwashed man, each of which you have a 90% chance of encountering in a Beijing taxi (which means a 0.01% chance of encountering an inoffensive Beijing cab, which sounds about right), and we're talking an extremely high likelihood that Bella will be upchucking before we reach our destination.

I'm holding out hope that she will, unlike me, eventually grow out of it. There was actually a period of time when I was somehow convinced that she had already outgrown it, and after a healthy breakfast of muesli and yogurt (you already see where this is going), we ventured forth one winter morning to Yonghegong Lama temple, easily a 25-minute taxi ride away. Well, of course she chundered. Of course all over herself and my winter coat. Of course I didn't bring a change of clothes for either of us. The only positive thing I can say was that amazingly, none of it got on the taxi upholstery, and the taxi driver didn't even notice what had happened until after I had already paid and gotten out of the taxi, thus saving me the added aggravation of an argument with a taxi driver while covered in yogurt-muesli puke, while trying to comfort a miserable crying toddler, also covered in puke. 

Anyhow, that's how she ended up with this lovely yellow "Winner Pooh" tracksuit, purchased at a street corner for 35RMB (about $5, which I probably could've bargained down, but why?). Actually I really wanted to get the "Snoppy the Dogg" one, but they didn't have it in her size.