Dec 25, 2011

You can only have ice cream sundaes on Christmas Eve

During the day on the 24th, the kids were absolutely bouncing off the walls at my parents' house, and with Lola doing all the cooking for noche buena and Mik arriving only on the evening flight, Lolo and I decided to take the kids to Reston Town Center for a runaround. As soon as she saw the skating rink, Bella immediately started pestering me to go skating: "Mama, can we go skating? Mama can we go skating? Mama please can we go skating?" Initially, I was all, no, no, no, we're just here to walk around, and what would we do with Matias and Lolo? And then it dawned on me: send them home. Matias and Lolo get along like peas and carrots, and without Bella around to rile him up, Matias is a pretty mellow kid. So we sent Lolo and Matias off, and Bella and I had one of our best Mama-Bella afternoons ever. Skating in the sunshine followed by some shopping and Bella's first (!) ice cream sundae ever. It helps that since it was a special day, she is now convinced that sundaes only exist on Christmas Eve. 
OK, I admit it. In this photo, I wasn't really taking a photo of Bella but of the mom in the ridiculous get-up behind her. Semi-sheer tights and hot pants for ice skating, riiiiight. Oh, and earmuffs to keep her warm!
 Mama. This is the most delicious thing EVER.
 Merry Christmas from Reston, Virginia!