Sep 23, 2010

Things that make a 4-year-old fashionista cry

Bella, as I was getting dressed to go out for drinks with friends last week sometime: "Mama, don't wear those shoes, wear these ones."

Me: "But don't you think these are supercool and kind of funky?"

Bella: "What funky means? Mama, I don't like those shoes. Wear the highers with the lace." [In Bella World, heels are "highers," weights are "strongers," and the microwave is the "hotter." Makes sense to me.]

Me (pulling rank, putting on my shoes of choice): "Um, no, I'm wearing a flowery top so I can't wear lacy shoes. I'm wearing these."

Bella: "Mama, if you wear those shoes, I'll be very sad."

The shoes in question:

p.s., Her dislike for them didn't stop her from trying them on and jumping around a bit: 

And here's Matias, contemplating whether they could, in a pinch, be eaten:

Melissa/Alexandre Herchcovitch jelly-wedge-oxfordy shoes, from Pedder Red. Also available online from Saks Fifth Avenue. Because despite what this particular 4-year-old thinks, they really ARE supercool.