Jan 25, 2010

On the Road Again: Melaka, Malaysia

We're back! The small one is now 3 months old, and we thought it was about time we took a weekend trip to Malaysia. Actually, we had gotten as far as renting a car in early December, but luckily remembered that Matias' passport wasn't ready yet, and we would be crossing an international border. Anyway, after less than 4 hours on the road (a piece of cake for the kids, after all the time we spent on I-95 in the U.S. at Christmastime - more on that later), we were in Melaka, Malaysia, a U.N. World Heritage City and bastion of Peranakan culture.

Since it was a bit of a last-minute decision to go, our first two choices for accommodations (the lovely-looking Hotel Puri and Courtyard @ Heeren) were fully booked, but we ended up finding a great deal on the Majestic Hotel on Expedia instead.

We arrived to find that a baby doll came free with the room! Ha ha, just kidding, that's the boy, Matias, lounging on the cool fluffy white sheets after the car ride.

More pics:

Happy to be back and on the road again!!