Sep 10, 2009

Self-imposed embargoes are made to be broken

I was theoretically supposed to shut down "the workshop" on Monday to concentrate on organizing, tidying, and packing. I postponed that to Tuesday to finish up the seahorse zipper bags that I wanted to get up into my Etsy shop, and then yesterday I ran across this mohair tank sweater that has been sitting in my office since I picked it up at a thrift shop last winter. I've had the coral-and-seafoam or watermelon-and-turquoise color combo on the brain lately, so I ended up UNpacking a few bins to track down beads and balls and felt and such to try with it.

One of the nice things about having a three-year old is that they're all about "I'll do it myself!" so setting Bella up with some paper and a bit of glitter glue usually buys me a bit of time to do whatever. So I got to futz around quite a bit with cutting up the sweater and making fun stuff with it. The lariat and the necklace (Mr. Bunny there was part of the porcelain spree the other day) came together pretty quickly and are already up on Etsy.

Then it just seemed silly to stop there, so rings and hair baubles and things seemed to be the logical next step. Added plus: no need for a sewing machine for these, so they'll be perfect to keep me occupied over the 5 weeks in Singapore while we're waiting for our container to arrive. Though maybe looking for an apartment, finding a nanny, a school for Bella, a hospital and a doctor for me, buying minor items like beds and living room furniture may well be enough to keep me occupied for a while. Oh, and I'm supposed to be working 25-hour weeks, too. And my BabyCenter auto-emails say I'm now at 33 weeks (funny how you don't keep as close track with your second baby; with Bella I think I knew to the day). Hm. Aren't there more hours in the day closer to the equator?