Sep 3, 2009

Forgotten little people

As usual, it started with glitter. Bella and I were making little houses and trees to decorate with glitter this morning, and we recruited a few little people that were in a random bowl in the living room to live in our little town and forest.Then we decided that they needed party hats:
Then Bella remembered that once upon a time, there were more of these little people, and I eventually found them hiding in my office closet, where they were safely stashed since the festivities of last Christmas (I hid them around the house and Bella got to play a photo/powerpoint-aided hunt for them).
I painted these in a 5-night, two-buck-chuck aided spurt of obsessive painting last winter. From left to right, in the rear, we have: Farfar, Farmor (in national dress, reminiscent of Wolfie's asking her at someone's wedding: "Farmor, why are you dressed like a pirate?"), Annie from the Little Einsteins, "Boy", Hillary Clinton, Ninong Vincent in scrubs, Armando the last remaining professional waiter, and finally, Sarah Palin. Or maybe it was Tina Fey playing Sarah Palin.In front are the kids: Dartmouth kid, Baby Palin, another "Boy", Ladybug Girl, Dancing Girl (Bella's favorite), and Bumblebee Girl.

Then there's Pappa (in Beijing Devils rugby gear and his scrum cap), Michelle Obama, China Doll, Beijing Expat (in his tux on the way to the Aussie Ball, maybe), Lolo Al (with his fishing rod behind him), Stepford Wife, and finally, Barack Obama.
Yeah, I had fun with these.