Aug 24, 2009

empimorn on Etsy: Coming this Fall

I guess I'm always a little bit amazed when I manage to get anything done while I'm at home on our short trips to the U.S. - between "real" work (as in, at the office), taking care of Bella, running up to Connecticut to deal with our house, and seeing family and friends, it's rare that I get very far with any of the projects that I inevitably start. This time, though, after 3 weeks in Virginia, I came back to Beijing with a serious start to this fall's lineup of stuff for my Etsy store.

Amazingly, I made the first bag on the flight from Beijing to DC, and then somehow managed to find late night and early morning time to work on the first set of bags (felted wool, with embroidered coral squiggly detail):
And then, after that, even came up with a new design and made five more blanks to work with, in colors that I'm pretty excited about:
Then, because I was laying in bed wide awake with Bella for most of last night (she had passed out at 4 pm and so was ready to start her day at 2 am), I got started experimenting on a few more ideas that I'd been plotting, like these seahorses on linen in blues and oranges:
More squiggles, this time on gray flannel:
Thought I'd finally finish and line these quilted patchwork zip bags that I started, oh, half a year ago:And futzed around with what to do with some ridiculously overfelted green stuff (wall hanging? mobile? pot holders?):And then, once I had everything out and in various piles all over the office, around 2 pm, jetlag set in and I passed out.