Aug 12, 2009


I am really resisting the urge to have this turn into "cute things my kid said today," but at ballet class, there's something they do where the teacher asks the girls their favorite thing to eat, and then they do these pantomime motions. Apparently, when Bella's turn came today, after all the other kids had picked brownies, cupcakes, and ice cream as their favorite things to eat, Bella came up with, "Rice and ketchup." Doh. Yep, that's what I feed my kid.

Anyway: video from her first dance class, joining a group that started end of May. She doesn't really get the skipping, but still. I had originally hesitated a tiny bit to put her in a ballet class, just because I thought her natural dance instincts were actually so much cooler, but she seems to just KNOW what she's doing.

And in case you have your sound on, the woman chuckling on the video isn't me, it was someone else's grandma who was too cuted out for words. And if you listen closely, you can actually hear Bella squealing in pure glee, or going on and on with self-affirmations like, "I'm a beautiful ballet dancer!" and variations thereof.