Jul 22, 2009

Kids in Madrid: Baby Deli

As soon as we arrived in Madrid and started talking over weekend plans with my friend Gabi, I could tell she was absolutely dying to take Bella to this place. It's owned by Carolina Herrera's daughter, and it WAS sooper sooper cute. The food is all organic and pretty delicious, though fairly expensive and in small, kid-sized portions. And, of course, served up with the usual service-with-a-smile that Spain is SO well known for (Can you hear the sarcasm? Actually, the lady behind the counter all but chucked the tray and change at my head; but that was our first day in Madrid so I wasn't used to it yet).

Gabi and I hadn't seen each other in a year, so we were too busy getting caught up for me to take lots of pictures of the place, but it's basically a very VERY upscale version of our @play Cafe in Reston, minus the child minders (I guess you have to BYO). If you happen to be shopping in Salamanca anyway, it's a perfect stop for playtime and a bite.

Baby Deli - www.babydeliworld.com
Calle de Lagasca 54
28001 Madrid, Spain
+34 915 763 810