Apr 7, 2009

Danger danger danger

A photo of the nice young man who brought a Sausage McMuffin and Hash Browns to my door this morning. He wasn't much fazed; I'm sure my reaction ("Deng yixianr, I gotta go get my camera!!") was pretty common among foreigners living in Beijing receiving their McDonalds deliveries for the first time.

I looked at my timestamps - a sum total of 29 minutes elapsed from conception ("I wonder if Beijing McDonald's has Sausage McMuffins...") to fulfillment. And that included looking for the phone number, and getting my delivery profile established (YESS!!!), which took some time because I was trying to do it in Chinese, and, of course, was mispronouncing my own address. Time elapsed between phone order and delivery was, no joke, 8 minutes, and cost? 29 RMB = $3.95, including the 7 RMB delivery fee.

I'll say it again: daaaaaangerous.