Mar 25, 2009

Today's Arf? Alexander Club Edition

Otherwise known as the Ladies' Locker Room, though to be fair, it isn't uncommon to have Ladies hanging about in towels, sipping tea and watching soap operas (they really do have couches, a TV, and tea service in there, not to mention a dimly lit "oxygen room" with fully-reclinable La-Z-Boys):
If you must fall and break your neck, do it carefully:
Anniversary Hair and Body Cleaner:
At the entrance to the locker room, where you're supposed to change into the hideous blue shower slippers:
Isn't it AWESOME that one of the fanciest sports clubs in Beijing still continues to provide so much bad-English-translation entertainment? To their credit, they did take down the rules and regulations posted on the inside of each locker, admonishing members to "guard their treasures," because the club "for anything is not responsible." Awesome.