Mar 15, 2009

Jai Guru Bella, or something

Anyone who has ever lived in China knows well the frustration, the desperation, of having a Bad China Day. Mik's bad China days invariably involve a cabbie, resentful of having to take a foreigner for only a 10-kuai ride, who proceeds to drive like a maniac and/or pretends not to understand what the lao wai is saying. I, myself, had a moment in the pool yesterday, after I had to stop short for the 5th time while doing my laps because the slow-pokey, breaststroking, bikini-clad girl in my lane wouldn't move over or stop at the end of the lane so I could pass, or better yet, get in the other lane with all the other slow-pokey breaststroking people. I found myself wanting to reach out and yank her back by the ankle, which is always a good sign that it's TIME TO GET OUT OF THE POOL AND COME BACK WHEN NO ONE IS HERE. I don't know what possessed me to try to do laps at 5 pm on a Saturday anyway.

Not that she puts this into practice when, say, we're out of the pink (strawberry) yogurt granola bars in the variety pack and she has to have a blueberry one, but we occasionally catch Bella doing this "get a grip on yourself" thing she learned from Kailan (the PBS cartoon) and that we would probably do well to emulate:

In yoga instructor-style:

Video 1 and Video 2 on Google Video.