Feb 19, 2009

The Flower Girl Report

We were supposed to be beach-side by 5:30 pm Aruba time, ready to be escorted to our seats. At 5:15, we were trying to coax a deeply snoring Bella awake, or at least, to roll over so that I could change her diaper and dress while she was sleeping. All of us still jetlagged, we had closed the curtains and settled in for a "little nap" at 3:30 that afternoon. By 5:30, we were all miraculously downstairs and dressed, but with Bella's hair (and attitude) still horribly askew. The start ran late, though, so Bella had time to snuggle in my lap for a while with giraffey, rouse herself a bit, and by the time the bridesmaids were ready and lined up, she was in her usual form, ogling their "beautiful dancing dresses." She walked down the aisle, carrying her flower girl basket in style and smiling for the cameras, then, somewhere near the front, remembered that she was supposed to be scattering petals. Eager to do her job as she was told, she upended her basket and dumped all of the petals right there. Then scooted back to Mama and watched the "beautiful dancing girls" some more. High fives all around.

ps. Friends of ours took these amazing photos with their Nikon D40 Digital SLR, which has us itching to get one as well...