Jan 6, 2009

Handmade Christmas: lavender sachets

Mama's little helper, pouring lavender buds into the little baggies. Total time to make 20 sachets: 3 hrs.

- 40 pre-cut 3x3 fabric squares. The ones I used here are from starlitnest on Etsy, which were $6.95 a pack. MarasFabric, also on Etsy, actually has them cheaper at $2.00 a pack, but the prints are a little less cute.
- Lavender buds. These were from PoPkO, $8 for 8 oz., super-cheap for lavender because it's not good-looking stuff (lots of stems). Totally fine, though, for something like this where you can't see the buds - they smell just as nice. I did sift it through a kitchen strainer just to cut down on the dust. I probably only used 1 oz. for all 20 sachets.
- Small plastic coke bottle. Just cut out the top to make a funnel to make filling the sachets easier.

Machine-sew each pair of fabric squares, right sides together, on three sides, turn them inside out, fill with lavender, and hand-stitch closed. Honestly, what took me the longest was grouping the sachets into color- or thematically-related groups of three when I was bundling them together, which some people would consider freakishly unnecessary.