Jan 27, 2009

Bella Brought a Bug to Lanka

This week, The Teeny Traveler is in Sri Lanka. Above, in her "normal" mode on our second day (in the Galle Fort), below, just a few hours later when the upper respiratory infection that she had apparently brought with her from China started to kick in. High fever and uncharacteristic dopiness prompted us to call a friend for a doctor's recommendation, who then showed up at our hotel less than half an hour later. After an exam quickly showed that she had tonsils the size and color of cherry tomatoes, he prescribed antibiotics, which he then procured amongst a mass of bags and boxes in the trunk of his Mercedes E series. Doctor, pharmacy, and delivery service all in one.

She's slowly feeling better (we think), though sleeping a LOT and barely eating; the lovely staff at our hotel at the fort (Fort Printers hotel; BEAUTIFUL) managed to help us get some nutrients into her by procuring ice cream for breakfast and french fries any hour of the day. We're now further down the coast, in a town called Thalpe, and we're hoping that the drugs will do their thing and she'll be back to her crazy dancing self soon; in the meantime, there seem to be worse places to recuperate than on the porch of our beach villa, propped up by cushions and with ice cream on demand.