Nov 2, 2008


They had face painting at school, and they'd just managed to get started on Bella when she decided she'd had enough, and demanded to get down. Don't know what they were intending to do with her, but she ended up with a giant red Bindi dot on her forehead. She's sleeping in late this morning because she was up all night with another nasty cough (!) and having nightmares. Since Mik is out of town, I slept in her bed for a little while, and I heard her sleeptalking something about wearing the black dancing skirt and "that headband" and I KNOW she was dreaming about wearing her ladybug costume again.

Halloween is one of the things I miss about being in the states. Bella goes to an international school, so at least I got to see some of the kiddies dressed up there, but for the most part, China doesn't really DO Halloween.