Nov 22, 2008

Architecture at The Commune

Really kind of a swanky place, with 12 ultra-modern villas with names like "Cantilever House" and "Distorted Courtyard" and my favorite, "Airport" (upper right in the collage above), famously once rented by J.Lo. But no celebrity sightings this weekend; in fact, hardly any people sightings at all - just eerily quiet and empty, probably suffering from a combination of post-Olympics letdown and multinational-corporations-no-longer-sending-their-Beijing-executives-on-lavish-team-building-activities-itis. Bella went completely out of her MIND jumping up and down when she spotted a kid on his way to breakfast this morning, only because he was the first non-adult she'd seen since we left town. However: beautiful scenery, a great stretch of unrestored Wall (pics coming soon) and a great weekend escape from the 'jing.

The Commune at the Great Wall, Exit 20 on the Badaling Expressway, about an hour from Beijing.