Oct 26, 2008

U.N. Day

This time, I'm pretty sure it was my fault: a vague recollection of a letter sent home from school sometime last week, saying that it would be U.N. Day and that the kids could come to school in their "national dress." Was reminded by Bella's teacher the day before, but by then was in the middle of a work deadline so I barely had time to feed and dress myself, much less whip up a costume of any kind.

My memories of early childhood are full of evenings when both my parents would be patiently, carefully, always with the utmost attention to craftsmanship and detail, putting together costumes for me for one school event or another. I remember a butterfly costume with multicolored cellophane patterns, a bumblebee outfit with crocheted yellow stripes (when all the other kids were sporting stripes made from wrapping paper ribbon, or worse, masking tape) and 3-d bugeyes and antennae. Me as Rapunzel in wildly incongruous bright yellow yarn braids. Good times.

Which made it a little painful to send Bella to U.N. day in a Suomi (Finland) sweatshirt instead of a teeny weeny completely otherwise useless saya with butterfly sleeves that I would've loved to whip up. It was a relief when Mik's mom's pictures came back (visiting for a few days, she was a willing recruit for the festivities) and it was obvious that many other families were similarly liberal in their interpretation of "national dress." Still, it would have been nice to have had the time to go completely overboard on the kid costuming. Maybe next year.