Oct 30, 2008

Out of the box FUN

More on the theme of how much I LOOOOOVE my new Flip Mino.

Today I actually have "real" work to finish, so was looking for a minimally-invasive distraction, and decided to upload some of the videos I'd been taking of Bella with my new teeny tiny super cute camcorder. But then this "Movie Mix" button appeared out of nowhere, and I just clicked on it, and this is what came out. On the first try, with ZERO tinkering with the music or the videos themselves. FUN STUFF. Although I wish you could hear what she's saying a little bit better over the music - there's zero control over the audio mix - but no problem, just go ahead and TURN UP YOUR VOLUME and wake your significant other.

Again, because embedding is sometimes a problem, here's the link to this bad boy on Google Video.