Sep 19, 2008

Three-way Contest

Not sure who's more excited about Bella's first try at fishing--

Bella (clearly), who shrieked and cheered and jumped around dangerously close to the end of the dock for every single one of the five fish they caught and even the remaining handful who got away;

Lolo, who tonight probably had his first confirmation that this child, this beast, who he has been trying all week long to STOP JUMPING ON THE BED and WALK, DON'T RUN is actually of his own blood; or

Mik, remotely, though sad at not having been able to take his daughter on her very first fishing trip, but who is probably relieved that here at last is SOMETHING that this Riverdancing kid of his likes to do, that actually MAKES SENSE TO HIM.

A short video that's basically just audio, since it was so dark, of Fish #5 coming in.