Aug 30, 2008

Barbie in a Beijing Toy Store

Okay, I know they keep all the reject electronics and lead-painted toys for the local market, but this is RIDICULOUS.

Innocuously enough, on the shelf at the Disney/Mattel/Barbie toy store at The Place: a "Knitting Pretty Barbie and Skipper" deluxe set.
But check out what Barbie is actually saying:
Presumably because the high stress of knitting is taxing Skipper's limited intellectual resources. And yet she manages to come up with a witty response:
Hm. It actually took me until now (4 hours of lunch, playing legos, and a naptime later) to realize that the whole Barbie-Skipper exchange are all puns on the knitting theme.

ps. Sorry about the sloppy focus and flash burns, as I was taking these there was a frantic sales lady waving her arms in front of my face. Obviously she was protecting state secrets, but stalwart photojournalist that I am, I pretended not to understand while snapping the pics, and then used my two year old to cover my retreat. That's actually the same trick used by all the CNN and BBC correspondents in China.

Purchasing information: 4th floor, The Place, Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing.
Knitting Pretty Barbie and Skipper, 899 RMB (131 USD)