Jul 31, 2008

Magic Ironing Fairies

The morning of my cousin's wedding, I went in to the hotel room that Gabriela was sharing with my mom to get my new dress, which I had hung in their closet when we first arrived. I'm not usually the type to hang clothes up, so the fact that it was on a hanger at all was amazing in itself. I thought that the heaviness of the hem and the drape of the fabric was all ingeniously designed to keep it looking wrinkle-free, and I remarked on it to Mama: "Wow, what a great dress! I just hung it up overnight, and look, no wrinkles!" Amazement that faded into embarrassment once I saw the look on her face, and noticed the ironing board set up in the room. I'm sure it was more or less the same look I got when I was little, and when told that "Mama doesn't have the money to buy you that toy," I had apparently said, "That's easy, let's just go to the bank and get some, then."