Mar 30, 2007

Bug Corner

This is one of my favorite pictures of Bella (purely for the skeptical expression on her face), on one of our many visits to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in DC. This actually wasn't her very first visit to the bug corner; on her first visit, before I even had a chance to react, some goofy docent (not pictured) handed 8-month-old Bella an enormous 3-inch-long pupa to "pet gently", which she promptly crumpled up in her little fist and tried to stuff into her mouth. Said the goofy docent, after it took 3 adults to pry Bella's hand open and extract the poor creature: "Oh no, I think it's bleeding." Maybe 15-month-old Bella was having flashbacks to that as we took this picture.

The Bug Corner was a temporary installation as the Insect Zoo was under renovation. The Discovery Room and the Mammals exhibit are also favorites at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum: